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22th August 2014

In the days 13. - 16. 8. 2014, we were at a camp in Kacov with helper Paul Urban. Photogallery can be found here.

15th August

Jackelien Moravia Box passed FPr. 3

14th June 2014

Bette Davis Insurance Bohemica11 years !  
Happy Birthday Usmívající seand also her sister Ich. Branti Insurance Bohemica  (owner Vera Segers).

18th May 2014

Ferral Insurance Bohemica passed exam Spr. 1.

31th March 2014

Aschley Insurance Bohemica today celebrated the 12th birthday!

30th March 2014

New gallery from protection training here

5th Februar 2014

Photos from winter protection training (Feral, Jackeilen and Gabbi) are here.

18th December 2013

17th November 2013

Feral Insurance Bohemica passed exam IPO - VO.

27th October 2013

Feral Insurace Bohemia passed exam ZVV 1.

13th October 2013

Feral Insurance Bohemica passed exam ZPU 1.

10th October 2013

Our new dog - Gabbi Insurance Bohemica.

26th September 2013

All puppies have new home.

11th September 2013

Gareth Insurance Bohemica is available.

24th August 2013

Our puppies are 3 weeks. Male Gareth looking for a new loving family.

18th August 2013

New pictures in gallery.

4th August 2013

New pictures of our puppies you will find in our gallery.

1th August 2013

We have a new website from Lucie Skopalova. Pages will be adding.

31th July 2013

We have puppies! Today is born Ch. Jackelien Moravia Box puppies - all brindle all. More info here

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